Rocky Fork Lake

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Greetings to Everyone!

Annual Meeting 2016 Voting Results

Election of Directors (Top 3 will serve 2017-2019)

John Cowan 65; Tom Owens 63; John Bryant 62.

Not Elected: Tim Richardson 30; Mike Puorro 26.

Assessment of $100 for dam study and contingency: Yes 68; No 23.

Horsepower Increase to 90 for Four Stroke Motors: Yes 45; No 46

Outsource Aqutic Control: Yes 22; No 69

Next Board Meeting: Saturday, April 29th at the clubhouse at 9:00 A.M.

The lake valve was closed on January 31st and will not be reopened until October. Please do not fast boat until the lake level is in the white on the water level pole located next to the boat ramp at the south end of the lake. Currently the water level is still below the level allowed for fast boating.

The security cameras have been installed and are now operational at the barn and dumpster area. Please remember what is allowed to be placed in the dumpster.

Policy for Club Records: Qualifying records will be made available for any requesting member in compliance with and pursuant to IC 23-17-27-1 et seq, and RFC's By-laws. Any request for access to and/or copying of RFC records that are subject to disclosure under Inaiand law and/or RFC's By-Laws must be made in writing directed to the Club President. Cost is 50 cents per page plus a $10 retrieval fee. Fee is due at the time of receiving copies. The requesting member must also sign a receipt that the copies have been received. Many records including minutes of meetings, Treasurer's reports, club rules, and bylaws can be downloaded and printed from the web site.


2016 Board Profile Forms:

John Bryant: Board Profile Form_John Bryant(1).pdf

John Cowan: Board Profile Form_John Cowan(1).pdf

Tom Owens: Board Profile Form_Tom Owens(1).pdf


Important Lake Announcements:

1) There have been many compliants to the board of intoxicated people at the lake who are on the water and common areas including driving golf carts on lake roads. Please drink responsibly.

2) Golf carts, ATV's, and any other off road must have lot numbers and a flag to be on lake roads. There must be a licensed driver on board.

3) BB guns are not allowed on any lands within the association.

4) Speed limit on all lake roads is 15MPH.

5) Please respect no trespassing signs around the lake.

6) When swimming or floating in the slow areas all swimmers and floaters must remain within 20 feet of their boat. Members should also be further back (at least 75 feet) away from the bouy as members are permitted to speed into the slow zone to drop skiiers and tubers out of the turns. Members are not permitted to swim or float without a boat further then 20 feet from shore in the slow zones. Distance swimming is not permitted in the main waterway during fast boating hours.

In the past few weeks, there was a golf cart at the bottom of the lake and a wreck on the north drive in which the driver was intoxicated (.2 blood level). Please use caution when driving on lake roads.

Current officers of the board for 2016.

President-------------Mike Hoch

Vice President-----John Bryant

Secretary------------Mike Mahan

Treasurer------------Kyle Curtis

Terry Dudley has agreed to serve as building chairman for 2017. You can reach Terry at 217-377-4999 or This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it Remember the building application must be approved by the board before work begins.

Lake rules require members to wave an orange flag when a skier or tube rider is down. If you need an orange flag, please contact Connie Shaw (765-344-6206) or John Cowan (765-344-1323).

If you wish to reserve the pavillion for 2016, you will need to make reservation. Please contact Bonnie Rzonca or John Cowan for available dates. Reservations for 2017 will be accepted next spring. You can also check the calendar on the website to see if there is already a reservation. Reservations are not permitted on holiday weekends. (Memorial Day, 4th of July weekend, and Labor Day weekend).

The board continues to receive complaints about dogs running loose at the lake. Dogs must be kept on the owners property or on a leash at the common areas. Citations could be issued from the board and members are requested to call the Parke County Sherriff to report dogs running loose.

Connie Shaw has updated the contractor list on the website. Let Connie or myself know of any additions or corrections. We hope you find the contractor list helpful.







Last Updated ( Monday, 17 April 2017 )


What is your favorite activity at Rocky Fork Lake?


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